Akamu Aniketos Admin replied

354 weeks ago

[dev1032] Potency of the following actions (when used as the indicated classes) has been increased:


Victimize (II) = Hope that means I & II, if it's stronger then sweet.
Concussive Blow = 1 hit skull smash!
Haymaker = Fyre!
Seismic Shock = Was waiting on this 1!
Follow Through = Eh, they need to replace this.
Simian Thrash = Didn't see a change in strength after 1.18, let's see if they actually increase it.


Brutal Swing
Storm's Path


Feint = Oh really now? Nerf then un-nerf? (but they are making it stronger for this class to use and weaker for everyone else.)
Chaos Thrust

The log will automatically be hidden at the following times:

* during event cutscenes = Thanks I can make better Videos.

Pose emote added. = Great, keep them coming, more emotes for the populus!

Belial replied

354 weeks ago

I'm actually kinda surprised since LNC can actually put out some alright dps as is. I think they're gonna be the melee class that everyone screams to be nerfed.

pre-TP nerf DRG/SAM Penta Thrust anyone?

Jamison HD Members replied

354 weeks ago

Chaos Thrust damage was pretty bad for being a 2000 TP move. Overall I think this will be a very positive patch. Since all the DD classes are getting a boost (and we don't know yet how in proportion they will be to each other) I think it's going to be all good.

Edit: no boost for Twisting Vice, meaning they want it to remain a specialized ability and not something that is done for damage.

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